Eyelash Growth Products

With eyelashes being such an important part of a womans beauty, it's no wonder why there are now so many eyelash growth products on the market.

Many women would like longer eyelashes, or thicker eyelashes, or both.

Below we have listed several of the best eyelash growth products to help you find ways to grow eyelashes.

Eyelash Growth Products Comparison


Out of the 3 eyelash growth products we have reviewed here, Idol Lash is our top pick, with Cilea coming in a very close second. Lashovee is our 3rd pick, and although it is listed, it is not highly recommended like the first two, due to its price and ingredients. 

Idol Lash has a decent list of natural ingredients, with a great success rate and effectiveness as well as a price that just blows the others away. Nowhere else can you find an eyelash lengthening / growth product for $40. Hence, it is our #1 pick.

Idol Lash - Free Offer

grow-eyelashes-productsTo purchase Idol Lash, CLICK HERE or on the Idol Lash picture to the left. It's only $40, and the more you purchase, the more you free packages of Idol Lash you will receive.

Idol Lash is a great product to help with growing eyelashes, and has mostly natural ingredients, we rated the ingredients at a 9/10 with about 80% natural ingredients.

Users of Idol Lash have reported a great success rate, with up to an 82% increase in eyelash length and density.

Cilea Eyelash Growth Serum has the benefit of having 100% all natural ingredients, great effectiveness as well as a good price point of just $70.

The great thing about Cilea is the all natural ingredients, and the very low chance of any type of skin allergy or reaction. Although we have rated this one as our 2nd pick, due to price and effectiveness, Cilea still comes highly recommended.

Cilea - Free Offer


To purchase Cilea, CLICK HERE or on the picture above. It's $70, and the more you purchase, the more FREE packages of Cilea you will receive.

Cilea has the best rating as far as ingredients go, with a 10/10 rating and 100% all natural ingredients. Users of Cilea eyelash serum have reported growth much like the users of Idol Lash, with increases of up to 82%.

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