Grow Eyelashes Naturally

Aside from the many eyelash growth products, there are several ways that you can help your eyelashes grow naturally.

Some are tried and true, while others are "possible" but not yet really confirmed ways of extending or thickening your eyelashes.

Olive Oil to Grow Eyelashes

Olive oil has been known to help with the growth of eyelashes, and can also be used on eyebrows. Extra virgin oil oil should be used, and can be purchased at most grocery stores for around $10. The oil should be applied to a clean, makeup free area at the base of the eyelashes before going to sleep. A Q-tip or other type of small applicator can be used. After using the olive oil on a daily basis, eyelashes should begin to grow out thicker and longer. This is more than likely due to the conditioning properties of the olive oil, making the new eyelashes healthier and stronger that it is doing much to the existing eyelashes.

*Some results should be seen within 3-4 weeks.

Castor Oil to Grow Eyelashes Naturally

Much like olive oil, castor oil can be applied to the base of the eyelashes nightly, before sleep, to help grow thicker, stronger, healthier eyelashes. For those that don't know, castor oil is an all natural oil that comes from the castor seed (or bean, depending on who you ask). There are several other uses for castor oil, including several health uses.

*Expect some results in 3-4 weeks, much the same as the olive oil.
*For some good info on castor oil, click here.

Emu Oil to Grow Eyelashes Naturally

Yes, emu oil comes from the emu. The oil is a rather healthy type oil, that has other benefits aside from conditioning the eyelashes. As with the other oil types, dab some on at the base of the eyelashes every night, and results should be noticed in a few weeks.

*For more information on emu oil, click here.

Diet for Eyelash Growth

As with most things that people ask about growing, or getting to a healthier point, diet can play a big role. It only makes sense that if the body doesn't have enough of the nutrients it needs, then it will not be able to grow anything. Make sure to eat foods rich in protein and vitamins. 

*A few foods that should help out with eyelash growth are fish, eggs, beans and yogurt.

Vitamin H for Growing Eyelashes

This vitamin is also known as Biotin. It helps to strengthen hair and helps with hair growth.It can be found in raw egg yolk, however, the raw egg whites should not be consumed if one is looking for an increase in Biotin this way, because there is am agent in the raw egg whites that causes the body to not be able to absorb the Biotin as easily.

*Vitamin H (Biotin) is found in several other foods like whole grains, pecans, almonds, sardines and bananas. Leafy green vegetables and peanuts are a rich source for Biotin.

Antioxidants to Help Grow Eyelashes

The two main antioxidants that can be consumed to ensure adequate levels in the body are vitamin C and vitamin E. Vitamin C helps to keep hair from becoming brittle and breaking, and can be found in foods like citrus fruits, and some leafy vegetables. Vitamin E also helps to keep hair healthy, and like vitamin C, helps to block free radicals (we get a lot of those from the sun, and lots of other places).

*Vitamin E can also be found in some leafy vegetables as well as avocados, broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes and mangoes.


As you can see, there are several ways to grow eyelashes naturally, and more often than not, people find the best results when combining a few of the methods listed above, such as one of the oils and the vitamins and diet. 

There really shouldn't be a need to use more than one of the oil methods at once. Pick the one that is easiest for you, and combine it with some good nutrients and a good diet. This will help to naturally grow your eyelashes to a thicker, longer fuller state. This will also have the added benefit of positively affecting the hair and eyebrows, as well as giving you natural, glowing skin.

Eyelash Growth Products

There are a lot of good products on the market that can help to grow eyelashes. Studies have been done on several of the top products, and results have shown up to an 82% increase in eyelash density, as well as a huge increase in individual hair thickness and eyelash length.


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